blush noun

ADJ. deep, fiery, hot, warm | faint

VERB + BLUSH produce His jokes produced blushes from the ladies. | hide She tried to hide her fiery blush.

BLUSH + VERB deepen | creep, rise, spread A deep blush spread from her head to her neck.

PREP. with/without a ~ She lowered her eyes with a deep blush. | ~ of a hot blush of embarrassment

PHRASES a blush comes to sb's cheeks/face, bring a blush to sb's cheeks/face, save/spare sb's blushes (= to save sb from an embarrassing situation)

blush verb

ADV. deeply, furiously, hotly | faintly, a little, slightly | readily She blushed more readily when she was a teenager. | angrily, guiltily

VERB + BLUSH make sb Stop teasing him?you're making him blush.

PREP. at He blushed at the mention of her name. | with She blushed crimson with embarrassment.

PHRASES blush crimson/scarlet

You can also check Google Dictionary: blush (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense

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