collapse noun

1 building, etc. suddenly falling

ADJ. sudden the sudden collapse of the bridge

PHRASES be in danger of collapse

2 medical condition

ADJ. sudden | mental, nervous, physical

VERB + COLLAPSE be close to, be on the point/verge of She was on the verge of nervous collapse.

PREP. ~ from his collapse from exhaustion

PHRASES a state of collapse He was in a state of mental and physical collapse.

3 sudden/complete failure of sth

ADJ. complete, total | general | virtual | sudden | economic, financial the sudden economic collapse of 2001

VERB + COLLAPSE bring about, contribute to, lead to, result in The war has led to the collapse of agriculture in the area. | face, be faced with | be on the brink/point/verge of | prevent

PREP. ~ into a collapse into anarchy

collapse verb

1 of a building

ADV. completely

PREP. into Several buildings have collapsed into the sea. | under The roof collapsed under the weight of snow.

2 of a sick person

ADV. suddenly

PREP. against The man collapsed against the wall and slid down it. | from She collapsed suddenly from a heart attack. | with He collapsed with shock.

3 fail

ADV. eventually, finally In November the strike finally collapsed. | quickly, rapidly | suddenly | virtually

PHRASES to collapse in the face of sth The scheme collapsed in the face of determined opposition.

You can also check Google Dictionary: collapse (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense

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