flush noun

ADJ. faint, slight | deep, dull, pink, red, scarlet, warm | hectic, sudden a hectic flush of rising excitement | hot Hot drinks can cause sweating and hot flushes in the face and head.

VERB + FLUSH feel She felt a dull flush of anger creeping into her face. | bring The promise in his voice brought a warm flush to her cheeks.

FLUSH + VERB creep, rise, spread, suffuse sth A flush of embarrassment rose to her cheeks.

PREP. ~ of There was a faint flush of colour on those pale cheeks.

PHRASES (in) the first flush of enthusiasm, passion, youth, etc. (= a time when enthusiasm, etc. is new, exciting and strong)

flush verb

ADV. deeply | a little, slightly | angrily, guiltily, painfully He made his excuses, flushing guiltily.

PREP. with He flushed scarlet with embarrassment.

You can also check Google Dictionary: flush (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense

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