unemployment noun

ADJ. considerable, high, huge, large-scale, mass, massive, serious, severe, widespread | low | rising | falling | long-term, permanent | short-term, temporary | recurrent, seasonal | structural | graduate, school-leaver, youth | rural, urban

QUANT. level, rate

VERB + UNEMPLOYMENT be faced with, face | cause, create | alleviate, bring down, cut, keep down, reduce | increase | combat, tackle

UNEMPLOYMENT + VERB hit sb Unemployment has hit unskilled workers in particular. | climb, double, increase, rise, soar Unemployment climbed above two million. | decline, fall | average sth, stand at sth Unemployment averaged 15% across the country. | reach sth, touch sth Unemployment touched 30%.

UNEMPLOYMENT + NOUN benefit, money, pay, payments, relief | compensation, cover, insurance | data, figures, levels, numbers, percentage, rate, statistics, total | crisis, problem | blackspot This former mining town is now an unemployment blackspot. | trap The unemployment trap exists when an unemployed person on benefit would be worse off in a low-paid job.

PREP. ~ among Unemployment among graduates is falling steadily.

PHRASES a period of unemployment, a rise/an increase/a fall in unemployment

You can also check Google Dictionary: unemployment (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense

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