winner noun

ADJ. overall She didn't win every race, but she was the overall winner. | outright With three teams finishing on 40 points, there was no outright winner. | eventual | joint They were joint winners of the cup. | lucky She was the lucky winner of that week's biggest lottery prize. | deserved, worthy | clear, comfortable, convincing, easy, runaway She emerged as the clear winner. | impressive | big There were no big winners in this week's lottery. | shock, surprise, unexpected, unlikely | likely, possible, potential Barcelona look likely winners of the Spanish League. | first-time, three-times, etc. Italy, three times winners of the World Cup | consistent, frequent, prolific, regular She is a regular winner in local road races. | award, championship, competition, contest, cup, election, jackpot, league, match, (gold/silver/bronze) medal, prize (also prizewinner), race, title, tournament, trophy

VERB + WINNER emerge as | announce The winner of the competition will be announced this afternoon. | choose, pick The winner will be chosen from the five architects who get through the first round. He's very good at picking winners (= at guessing who is going to win). | back He backed the winner and won £70.

WINNER + VERB receive sth The winner will receive a prize of £500.

PREP. ~ against/over France were impressive 3?0 winners over Portugal.

You can also check Google Dictionary: winner (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense

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