race noun

1 contest to find the fastest person, car, etc.

ADJ. big I get very nervous before a big race. | close, tight | long-distance | 10-kilometre, 24-hour, 7-lap, etc. | gruelling, hard, tough | relay, road | men's, women's | boat, motor, motorbike, yacht, etc. | dog, horse, etc. | Grand Prix, World Cup, etc.

VERB + RACE have, hold, organize, stage Let's have a race! | be in, compete in, enter, go in for, run in, take part in Is she running in the big race on Saturday? | drop out of, pull out of, withdraw (sth) from He dropped out of the race with a pulled muscle after two laps. She had to pull out of the race at the last minute. | lead, win I was leading the race until the half-way point. She has won the race for the last five years. | lose | come first/second, etc. in | beat sb/sth in | fix There is a rumour that the race was fixed. | throw (= to lose deliberately) He was paid £1,000 to throw the race.

RACE + VERB be run/held, take place

RACE + NOUN meeting The horse was withdrawn from today's race meeting with an injured leg. | winner | official, organizer

PREP. in a/the ~ I'm not in this race. | ~ against/with the race against the Danish team | ~ between the University Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge | ~ over a race over 200 metres

2 competitive situation

ADJ. two-horse Although there are five candidates, realistically it is a two-horse race. | presidential | arms the halting of the nuclear arms race

VERB + RACE be (involved) in, join The rival TV companies are in a race to bring out the first film drama of his life. | be ahead in, lead, win Who will win the race for the White House? | be left behind in, lag behind in, lose

PREP. in a/the ~ lagging behind in the race for the presidency | ~ between a race between the developing countries | ~ for the race for nuclear supremacy | ~ with the race with their rivals

3 racial group

ADJ. human | mixed a child of mixed race | Irish, Jewish, Latin, etc. | master the ideology of the master race

RACE + NOUN relations Immigration and race relations were key political issues at the time. | equality | discrimination, prejudice | riot

PREP. among ~s The disease is more common among European races. | between ~s greater understanding between nations and races | from a ~ children from all races and religions | of a ~ people of different races and cultures | ~ of The Amazons were a race of female warriors.

PHRASES on (the) grounds of race discriminating

race verb

ADV. frantically, madly She raced frantically towards the train. | ahead, away, back, by, downstairs, off, out, past, upstairs Farms and villages raced by.

PREP. across, after, along, around/round, down, for, into, out of, through, to, towards, up He raced madly up the stairs.

PHRASES come racing Two boys suddenly came racing round the corner.

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