war noun

ADJ. long, short | bloody | all-out, full-scale, total Six years of total war had left no citizen untouched. | limited | holy, just | civil, global, world | air, guerrilla | atomic, nuclear | cold | economic, trade | price | class

VERB + WAR be in, fight in My grandfather fought in two world wars. | fight, make, wage The two countries fought a short but bloody war. The Spartans were persuaded to make war on Athens. The terrorists were charged with waging war against the state. | win | lose | declare | go to The country went to war in 1914. | avert, prevent | be ravaged by

WAR + VERB approach, loom, threaten | begin, break out, come, erupt, start | escalate, spread talks to prevent the war from escalating | continue, drag on, go on, last, progress, rage (on) The war raged for nearly two years. | come to an end, end

WAR + NOUN years the shortage of food during the war years | hero, veteran | chief, leader | casualty, victim | damage | correspondent the war correspondent of a daily newspaper | artist, poet | zone | effort Every available resource went towards the war effort. | record Both candidates have distinguished war records. | wound | crime, criminal | graves, memorial | aims | damages, reparations | baby, bride, widow | booty | cry, dance | machine the Soviet war machine

PREP. at ~ a country at war | between the ~s (= between the First and Second World Wars), in (a/the) ~ killed in war He took part in the Vietnam War. | ~ against/with the war against the French a war against drug abuse | ~ between war between Iran and Iraq | ~ on The US declared war on Japan. | ~ with a trade war with the United States

PHRASES the horrors of war The country had just emerged from the horrors of civil war. | in a state of war, in time/times of war In times of war, troops were billeted in the mill. | on a war footing The army had been placed on a war footing. | the brink of war The crisis took Europe to the brink of war. | the outbreak of war At the outbreak of war, most children were evacuated to the countryside. | a theatre of war These aircraft are designed to take troops and weapons to any theatre of war in the shortest time possible. | a war of attrition

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