champagne noun

ADJ. excellent, fine, good | French | expensive | cheap | vintage | non-vintage | fake | pink | chilled, iced

QUANT. bottle, magnum | glass

VERB + CHAMPAGNE have I'll have some champagne, please. | drink, quaff, sip Do you drink champagne? They sat there sipping their champagne. | pour (sb) | celebrate (sth) with | chill

CHAMPAGNE + VERB flow (figurative) The champagne flowed like water at the wedding reception. | be/go flat The champagne had been left open and had gone flat.

CHAMPAGNE + NOUN bottle, flute (= a kind of glass), glass | cork We heard the sound of popping champagne corks next door. | breakfast, reception There was a champagne reception before the concert. | house (= company)

You can also check other dicts: champagne (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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