exemption noun

ADJ. complete, full, total | blanket The bill gives sensitive police files a blanket exemption. | partial | temporary | special | tax

VERB + EXEMPTION be entitled to, be subject to, enjoy, qualify for These goods are subject to exemption from tax. They enjoyed exemption from customs duties on goods to be used by themselves. | apply for, claim, seek | gain, get, obtain | give (sb), grant (sb) | refuse | waive (law)

EXEMPTION + VERB apply (to sb/sth), cover sb/sth, relate to sb/sth The exemption which applies to home-buyers.


PREP. ~ for There are parking restrictions in the city centre with exemptions for disabled drivers. | ~ from You may be able to apply for exemption from local taxes. | ~ on tax exemptions on gifts to spouses

You can also check other dicts: exemption (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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