legislation noun

ADJ. parliamentary | draft | fresh, further, new | effective, tough | complex | controversial | unworkable The police think that such legislation would be unworkable. | knee-jerk The terrorist attack prompted knee-jerk legislation. | anti-abortion, anti-discrimination, employment, environmental, financial, gun control, health, housing, social, etc.

QUANT. piece a major piece of legislation

VERB + LEGISLATION need, require | call for, propose They are calling for tough legislation to tackle this problem. | draft, draw up | bring forward, initiate Anyone has the right to initiate legislation in Parliament by means of a private bill. | approve, enact, introduce, pass Congress approved legislation which outlawed the sale of the drug. | adopt Member states may not adopt legislation contrary to EU law. | block, delay The reform will make it more difficult for MPs to block legislation. | amend | repeal | comply with Companies have until December 31 to comply with the new legislation.

LEGISLATION + VERB come into effect, come into force New legislation on drink-driving comes into effect at the end of the year.

PREP. under ~ This will be a criminal offence under the new legislation. | ~ against They are planning the introduction of legislation against sex discrimination. | ~ on Legislation on this issue is urgently needed.

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