movie noun

ADJ. good, great, wonderful | classic, cult | blockbuster/blockbusting, hit, smash-hit, successful | big, big-budget, top | low-budget | television/TV | home We watched a home movie of my second birthday party. | in-flight | silent | action, disaster, gangster, horror, war, etc. | blue, dirty, porn/porno

VERB + MOVIE see, watch | go to (see), take sb to (see) I'd never go to a movie alone. | direct, make, produce, shoot

MOVIE + VERB be based on sth a movie based on the novel by Betty Munn | be called sth, be entitled sth a movie entitled ‘Short Legs’ | star sb

MOVIE + NOUN actor, actress, director, maker, mogul, people, producer, star The former footballer is now mixing with movie people in Hollywood. | audience | fan | premiere | company | business, industry, world | career | channel | score, script | rights the movie rights to her autobigraphy | version the movie version of the well-known novel | camera | poster

PREP. ~ about a movie about the life of Castro

You can also check other dicts: movie (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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