present adj.

VERBS be | remain

ADV. ever the ever present risk of pollution

PHRASES past and present a list of all club members, past and present

present noun

ADJ. anniversary, birthday, Christmas, wedding

VERB + PRESENT buy | get, receive | give sb, send sb | wrap (up) | open, unwrap

PREP. ~ for a present for my daughter | ~ from, ~ to It's a present to us all from Granny.

PHRASES make sb a present of sth My nephew loves this bike so I'm going to make him a present of it.

present verb

ADV. clearly, well The arguments were well researched and clearly presented. | attractively, neatly | orally, visually The results can be presented visually in the form of a graph.

VERB + PRESENT aim to, attempt to, seek to, try to We have tried to present both sides of the debate. | be designed to Hotel brochures are designed to present the most attractive aspects of the hotel.

PREP. as He likes to present himself as a radical politician. | to He presented the information to his colleagues.

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