project noun

1 planned piece of work

ADJ. large, major | ambitious | exciting | worthwhile | successful | joint | community | pilot The scheme will be extended throughout the country after a successful six-month pilot project. | research They've set up a research project to investigate the harmful effects of air pollution. | building, construction | capital, investment | development, educational, environmental

VERB + PROJECT set up | carry out, run | conceive, plan | launch | fund, support

PROJECT + VERB aim to, be aimed at sth The project aims to reduce homelessness.

PROJECT + NOUN management | leader, manager, team

PHRASES the aim of the project The aims of the project are threefold … > Special page at BUSINESS

2 piece of school work

ADJ. French, history, etc.


PREP. ~ on My class is doing a project on medieval towns.


You can also check other dicts: project (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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