finger noun

ADJ. first, index | middle | ring, third, wedding I noticed the ring on the third finger of her left hand. | little | ringed | broken, dislocated, injured | pointing | accusatory, accusing, admonitory, warning The teacher raised a warning finger and we stopped talking. | prying The ornaments had been put out of reach of the children's prying fingers. | delicate, elegant, slender, slim | bony, lean, skeletal, skinny | chubby, fat, plump, podgy | blunt, spatulate, square-tipped | gnarled | arthritic | gentle She took off his bandages with gentle fingers. | capable, deft, nimble, skilful, skilled Her nimble fingers undid the knot in seconds. | nerveless | nervous | clumsy His clumsy fingers struggled with the buttons. | dirty, filthy, grubby, sticky

VERB + FINGER point ‘It was them!’, she cried, pointing an accusing finger at the boys.

(figurative) The enquiry pointed the finger of blame at the driver of the crashed coach. | draw The man drew a finger across his throat in a threatening gesture. | jam, poke, put, stick Everyone put their fingers in their ears when the shooting started. | jab, stab The protester was jabbing a finger aggressively at a policeman. | hold up, raise She raised a finger to her lips to ask for silence. | wag, waggle ‘None of that!’ cried the teacher, wagging her finger. | dip I dipped my finger in the sauce and licked it. | run She ran her finger along the dusty shelf. | drum, tap He was drumming his fingers nervously on the arm of the chair. | click, snap We were swaying and clicking our fingers in time to the music. He snapped his fingers and the waiter came running. | stub I stubbed my finger painfully while reaching for a book. | shut, trap The child needed treatment after trapping her finger in the car door. | crook He crooked a finger to tell us to go over to him. | extend He held up his hand with the fingers extended. | prick The nurse pricked my finger to get some blood. | count (sth) on Although she knew lots of people, she could count her friends on the fingers of one hand.

FINGER + NOUN bones, joints | movement | injury

PREP. with your ~s It's easiest to eat chicken legs with your fingers.

PHRASES the finger of fate/suspicion (figurative) The finger of suspicion was pointed at the chicken served for lunch. | the tips of the fingers

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