gear noun

1 in a vehicle

ADJ. bottom, top driving along in top gear | high, low | first, second, etc. | reverse

VERB + GEAR engage, select Engage first gear and move off. | change, change into, move into, put/slam/slip sth into, shift (into), switch It's difficult to steer and change gear at the same time. She put the car into first gear and drove off. (figurative) The party organization is moving into top gear as the election approaches. | move up, step up (often figurative) Coming out of the final bend, the runner stepped up a gear to overtake the rest of the pack. | crash, grind He was crashing the gears because he was so nervous.

GEAR + NOUN change She made a smooth gear change. | lever, stick (also gearstick)

PREP. in (a/the) ~ driving along in third gear Some drivers leave the car in gear when parking on hills. | out of ~ Leave the car out of gear.

2 equipment/clothes

ADJ. camping, climbing, fishing, running, sports, swimming, walking | breathing firemen in breathing gear | landing, winding the plane's landing gear | combat, riot | outdoor | designer wearing expensive designer gear

VERB + GEAR be dressed in, have on, wear She had her running gear on. | put on, take off

PREP. in … ~ a group of young men in combat gear

gear verb be geared to/towards sth

ADV. completely, entirely, exclusively, totally an economy exclusively geared towards tourism | primarily | specifically Our training programmes are geared specifically to the needs of older workers. | clearly

You can also check other dicts: gear (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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