gesture noun

1 movement that expresses sth

ADJ. dramatic, expansive, expressive, extravagant, flamboyant, melodramatic, sweeping, theatrical She made an expansive gesture with her arms. | abrupt | careless, vague He responded with a vague gesture in the direction of the pub. | obscene, rude | angry, defiant, threatening | dismissive, impatient, irritable | helpless | imperious | placatory

VERB + GESTURE make The children made rude gestures at them.

PREP. by ~ They communicate entirely by gesture. | in a ~ He waved his arms in a melodramatic gesture. | with a ~ She waved us away with an impatient gesture. | ~ of a gesture of despair

2 sth that shows other people what you think/feel

ADJ. nice I thought it was a nice gesture to send everyone a card. | bold a bold gesture of reconciliation | dramatic, extravagant, grand He had the respect of his people without the need for grand gestures. | conciliatory, friendly, goodwill | charitable, philanthropic | empty, small, symbolic, token Words and empty gestures are not enough?we demand action! a token gesture of their good intentions | futile | political

PREP. as a ~ Several hostages were released as a goodwill gesture. | in a ~ In a dramatic gesture, the prime minister refused to attend the meeting. | ~ against The invasion attempt was intended as a political gesture against his opponents. | ~ of His gift was a gesture of friendship. | ~ towards The president's speech was seen as a conciliatory gesture towards former enemies.

gesture verb

ADV. vaguely | wildly | expansively | abruptly, impatiently | helplessly

PREP. at She gestured at him to step back. | about/around He gestured around the room, lost for words. | for He gestured abruptly for Virginia to get in the car. | to Mrs Davis gestured to the waiter. | towards He gestured vaguely towards the house. | with gesturing wildly with her hands

You can also check other dicts: gesture (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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