man noun

1 male person

ADJ. elderly, middle-aged, old, older, young a little old man | attractive, good-looking, handsome | ugly | short, tall | fat, thin | big, burly | little a nice little man | black, white | dark, dark-haired, fair, fair-haired | bearded | blind | sick | dead | intelligent, wise | great Several people made speeches in honour of the great man. | brave | charming, fine, good, kind, nice | honest | proud | quiet | bad, horrible What a horrible man! | arrogant | strange | brutal, hard, violent | married, single | family He's a family man who rarely goes out with his friends. | gay | professional | lucky He was a lucky man to have found such a partner. | poor, rich | betting, gambling I've never been a gambling man. | self-made | right-hand He found success hard to come by after losing his right-hand man. | innocent | free He walked out of court a free man. | condemned

2 human beings

ADJ. early, prehistoric, primitive | Stone Age, etc. | Neanderthal, etc.

PREP. in ~ In man the brain is highly developed.

PHRASES known to man the most poisonous substance known to man

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