mandate noun

ADJ. popular | clear | legal | presidential | electoral It is undemocratic to govern an area without an electoral mandate.

VERB + MANDATE have | give sb, issue | seek The party sought a mandate to reform the constitution. | get, obtain, receive, win | extend, implement

MANDATE + VERB run The mandate ran until 1947.

PREP. in your ~ He failed in his mandate. | under a/the ~ They ruled the country under a United Nations mandate. | with a/the ~ The party was elected with a mandate to reduce the size of government. | without a ~ They accused him of acting without a mandate. | ~ for She has received a clear mandate for educational reform. | ~ from a mandate from the United Nations to govern the territory

PHRASES an extension/a renewal of a mandate

You can also check other dicts: mandate (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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