manoeuvre noun

1 skilful movement

ADJ. complex, complicated | difficult | dangerous | clever, skilful

QUANT. series

VERB + MANOEUVRE carry out, execute, perform The pilot has to carry out a series of complex manoeuvres. | attempt | complete

2 clever plan

ADJ. successful | strategic, tactical Her withdrawal from the contest was a tactical manoeuvre. | diplomatic, political

VERB + MANOEUVRE carry out, execute

MANOEUVRE + VERB fail, succeed

PREP. by a/the ~ By this manoeuvre, he hopes to gain an advantage at a later stage.

PHRASES freedom of manoeuvre The economic conditions are restricting the Chancellor's freedom of manoeuvre. | room for manoeuvre The government has very little room for manoeuvre on this issue.

3 military operation

ADJ. military, strategic, tactical

VERB + MANOEUVRE carry out, conduct, execute, perform

PHRASES be/go on manoeuvres The unit is on manoeuvres in southern Italy.

manoeuvre verb

ADV. carefully | easily | expertly, skilfully

VERB + MANOEUVRE be difficult to, be easy to

PREP. around, past, through, etc. He skilfully manoeuvred the motor boat past the rocks.

PHRASES manoeuvre (sth) into position, manoeuvre your way (figurative) He had manoevred his way into a position of strength in the party. | room to manoeuvre The clutter of ships had little room to manoeuvre.

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