map noun

ADJ. large-scale | small-scale | accurate | detailed | quick (only used with the verb draw), rough, simple, sketch ‘How do you get there?’ ‘I'll draw you a quick map.’ | local | road, street a street map of central London a road map of the British Isles | world | bus, tube, underground | contour, outline, relief | geological, political | weather | Ordnance Survey | tourist | route | wall

VERB + MAP read Are you any good at reading maps? | check, consult, look at | draw | be marked on The museum is clearly marked on the map. | spread out, unfold We spread the map out on the floor. | fold (up)

MAP + VERB show sth

MAP + NOUN projection

PREP. off the ~ Our village is just off the map. | on a/the ~ The lane isn't on the map. | ~ of a map of the area

You can also check other dicts: map (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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