medicine noun

1 science of treating/preventing illness

ADJ. modern advances in modern medicine | traditional qualified in traditional Chinese medicine | folk Garlic was widely used in folk medicine. | conventional, orthodox | alternative, complementary, holistic, homeopathic | preventative, preventive | academic, clinical, forensic, scientific | general She gave up general medicine to specialize in geriatric medicine. | geriatric, obstetric, paediatric, veterinary, etc. | Chinese, Western | private, public health She believed private medicine was a threat to the existence of the National Health Service.

VERB + MEDICINE train in | qualify in | practise people practising alternative medicine

PHRASES a branch of medicine > Note at SUBJECT(for more verbs and nouns)

2 substance taken to treat an illness

ADJ. powerful, strong | cough a bottle of cough medicine | herbal | prescription

QUANT. dose

VERB + MEDICINE take | swallow | prescribe (sb) | administer, give sb | treat sb with

MEDICINE + NOUN bottle, chest

PREP. ~ for medicine for a chest infection

You can also check other dicts: medicine (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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