outline noun

1 line that shows the shape/outside edge of sb/sth

ADJ. clear, sharp The sharp outline of the island had become blurred. | blurred, dim, faint, vague | simple

VERB + OUTLINE draw, make, trace The children made an outline of their hands. | make out, see I could just make out the dim outlines of the house in the mist. | soften

OUTLINE + NOUN drawing, map

PREP. around/round the ~ to cut round the outline | in ~ He sketched the street in outline only. | ~ of

2 most important facts/ideas about sth

ADJ. bare, basic, brief, rough a brief outline of Polish history | broad, general | course

VERB + OUTLINE give (sb), provide (sb with), write (sb) Write an outline for your essay.

PREP. in ~ Here's the plan in outline. | ~ for, ~ of

outline verb

ADV. briefly | clearly | roughly He roughly outlined the plot of the opera. | here | above, earlier, previously using the plan outlined above | below

VERB + OUTLINE attempt to, seek to, try to

PREP. to the policies outlined to Parliament on May 20th

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