sample noun

1 small quantity of sth

ADJ. blood, DNA, faecal, RNA, rock, serum, tissue, urine, etc. | biopsy, clinical

VERB + SAMPLE collect, take | provide All the athletes had to provide a urine sample. | analyse, study, test

SAMPLE + NOUN book We looked at sample books to choose the furniture fabric. | bottle

PREP. ~ of samples of tissue

2 people in a survey

ADJ. small | large, wide | population | representative | random

VERB + SAMPLE draw a sample drawn from men aged 35?40

SAMPLE + VERB comprise sth, consist of sth Our sample comprised 250 catering workers.

SAMPLE + NOUN size A larger sample size yields more reliable data. | survey | group

PREP. ~ of a wide sample of people

sample verb

ADV. randomly

PREP. from The survey was done using a group of 100 children randomly sampled from the school population.

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