sheet noun

1 large piece of fabric used on a bed

ADJ. clean, fresh a pile of clean sheets | crumpled She had slept in her bed?the sheets were crumpled. | white | cool | cotton, linen, plastic, rubber, satin, silk | bed, double, fitted, single | bottom, top

VERB + SHEET change, fold, put on, tuck in She changed the sheets on all the beds. Could you put some fresh sheets on the bed? | climb between, slide between, slip between/under I slipped under the sheets and was asleep in an instant. | cover sb/sth with, pull back/over/up The police had covered the body with a sheet. I pulled the sheet up over my nose.

PREP. beneath/under a/the ~ | between the ~ She lay between the cool sheets.

PHRASES sheets and blankets

2 piece of paper

ADJ. blank, clean He pulled a blank sheet of paper towards him and began to write. | A3, A4, etc. | large | printed, typed The advertisement was a single printed sheet. | loose, separate | answer, balance, data, diet, fact, information, news, record, score I sent for the programme's free fact sheet on the disease.

VERB + SHEET take, use Take a clean sheet of paper and start again.

SHEET + NOUN music

PREP. ~ of a sheet of blotting paper

PHRASES a sheet of paper

3 flat thin piece of any material

ADJ. flat, large, thin | baking | dust The furniture was covered in dust sheets. | canvas, plastic, polythene | ice the Antarctic ice sheet

SHEET + NOUN metal, steel, vinyl sheet metal workers

PREP. ~ of a sheet of glass/plastic/metal (figurative) Sheets of flame shot into the air.

You can also check other dicts: sheet (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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