skill noun

ADJ. considerable, consummate, extraordinary, great, remarkable He is a negotiator of considerable skill. With consummate skill, she steered the conversation away from any embarrassing subjects. | good, poor She has good organizational skills. | basic, necessary the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic | essential, important, marketable, practical, transferable, useful training in problem-solving and other transferable skills | new, old to learn some new skills | special, specialist No special skills or knowledge are required for the job. | professional | analytical | entrepreneurial, management, managerial, organizational | diplomatic, negotiating | linguistic, reading, writing | business, communication, computer, interpersonal, language, research, social, study, survival It is important to develop good study skills. | manual | artistic, culinary, medical, military, musical, political, scientific, tactical, technical

QUANT. range, set She had to develop a whole new set of skills when she changed job. | degree, level an operation that called for a high degree of skill

VERB + SKILL have, possess | lack | need, require, take a feat requiring skill and patience | acquire, develop, learn, pick up | demonstrate, display, exercise, practise, show (off) | apply, harness, use, utilize The manager must harness the skills of the workers to firm objectives. | broaden, hone, improve, increase, master, sharpen, upgrade helping children to master the skills necessary to live in our society She attends regular training weekends to sharpen her skills. | refresh, update | pool, share | assess, test a course that will test the skills of any golfer

SKILL + NOUN level | acquisition, development, training | shortage The country is facing a skills shortage.

PREP. with ~ She performed the task with great skill. | ~ as her skills as a doctor | ~ at his skill at painting | ~ in their skill in selecting the best designs | ~ of the basic skills of managing an office | ~ with his skill with a sword

PHRASES a lack of skill, a mastery of skills a mastery of basic language skills

You can also check other dicts: skill (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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