spirit noun

1 mind or feelings

ADJ. human

PREP. in ~ I will be with you in spirit.

2 spirits: morale

ADJ. flagging

VERB + SPIRIT keep up, lift, raise We sang songs to keep our spirits up. | revive | break, dampen A string of defeats has failed to dampen the team's spirits.

SPIRIT + VERB lift, rise

PHRASES in good/high/low/poor, etc. spirits She isn't in the best of spirits today.

3 person

ADJ. guiding, leading, moving She was a guiding spirit in primary education. | generous | grudging, mean | brave, proud | free, independent | kindred He found kindred spirits in the peace movement.

4 courage/liveliness

ADJ. great, tremendous | adventurous, competitive, fighting, indomitable, pioneer/pioneering

VERB + SPIRIT be full of, have She has plenty of fighting spirit. | display, show | break

PREP. with ~ He sang with great spirit.

PHRASES broken in spirit They tortured him until he was broken in spirit.

5 feelings of loyalty

ADJ. community, party, public, team

VERB + SPIRIT have | develop, foster, promote

6 attitude/mood

ADJ. right He's got the right spirit! | essential, genuine, true | carefree | democratic, revolutionary | entrepreneurial | festive, Christmas

VERB + SPIRIT have | enter into

PREP. in a ~ of Both sides have come together in a spirit of goodwill. | ~ of a spirit of adventure

PHRASES in the right/wrong spirit, the spirit of the age/times

7 real/intended meaning of a rule, an agreement, etc.

VERB + SPIRIT obey | be/go against, be contrary to

PHRASES the spirit of the law The referee should try to obey the spirit as well as the letter of the law.

8 soul/ghost

ADJ. ancestral | evil, malevolent | restless Owls were believed to be restless spirits who had returned to earth.

VERB + SPIRIT conjure up, contact, invoke, summon (up) | exorcise, ward off She slept with a cross under the pillow to ward off evil spirits. | be possessed by

SPIRIT + VERB live on Many people believe the spirit lives on after death.

PHRASES the spirits of the dead

9 (usually spirits) strong alcoholic drink

QUANT. measure a single measure of spirits


PHRASES a bottle of spirits

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