transfer noun

ADJ. massive The war caused a massive transfer of population. | efficient, smooth, successful the smooth transfer of power to the new government | net There has been a net transfer of lower-paid people away from the inner cities. | permanent Her boss recommended a permanent transfer overseas. | direct Employees are paid by direct transfer to a bank account. | data, information, knowledge | land, property | population | resource | technology | file, multimedia, software | inter-company, inter-hospital, etc. | bank, capital, cash, credit, financial, money, share, stock | electronic, telegraphic | embryo, gene | charge, electron, energy, heat, nuclear, thermal | close-season, free, 15-million-pound, etc. (all in football)

VERB + TRANSFER make Only the owner can make a transfer of goods. | give sb His club have given him a free transfer.

TRANSFER + VERB take place

TRANSFER + NOUN deal, fee, list, payment, price, system (all in football)

PREP. ~ between the transfer of property between private buyers | ~ from, ~ to

transfer verb

ADV. carefully | directly Skills cannot be transferred directly from a trainer to a trainee. | easily Data is easily transferred electronically. | successfully | merely, simply | immediately | quickly, rapidly | gradually | eventually | temporarily | formally Sovereignty was formally transferred on December 27. | automatically | electronically | abroad, back transferring assets abroad

VERB + TRANSFER agree to | refuse to

PREP. across/between Can the disease be transferred across species? | from, into She transferred the sauce into a china jug. | onto, to

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