truce noun

ADJ. brief, temporary A temporary truce had been reached earlier that year. | permanent | three-day, week-long, etc. | fragile, uneasy | electoral, party, political

VERB + TRUCE call, declare, offer, propose The guerrillas have called a one-month truce. | agree (to/on), conclude, make, negotiate, reach The priest helped to negotiate a truce between the warring sides. | maintain | break, violate

TRUCE + VERB hold, last, prevail | collapse The two-day truce collapsed in intense shellfire. | expire, lapse They renewed the war as soon as the truce expired.

PREP. during a/the ~ during a wartime electoral truce | ~ among/between An uneasy truce prevailed between them at dinner. | ~ with the fragile truce with France

PHRASES a flag of truce

You can also check other dicts: truce (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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