wear noun

1 use as clothing

ADJ. everyday, weekend | summer, winter

PREP. in ~ Silk shirts always feel soft and light in wear. | with ~ New shoes usually get more comfortable with wear.

PHRASES years of wear This is a quality garment which should give years of wear.

2 clothes

ADJ. day, evening | designer, fashion | casual, leisure, outdoor | bridal, maternity | children's, men's, women's

3 long use

ADJ. hard, heavy

VERB + WEAR withstand This flooring can withstand years of hard wear.

PREP. … with ~ The stairs had become slippery with wear.

PHRASES centuries, years, etc. of wear The cathedral steps were polished smooth by centuries of wear.

4 damage caused by long use

ADJ. excessive | engine, tyre, etc.

VERB + WEAR show The tyres were beginning to show wear. | cause | minimize, reduce

WEAR + NOUN pattern the analysis of wear patterns on prehistoric stone tools | guarantee The flooring comes with a 20-year wear guarantee.

PREP. ~ on This new oil reduces wear on the engine.

PHRASES signs of wear, wear and tear

wear verb

1 have a piece of clothing on

ADV. proudly proudly wearing their uniforms

VERB + WEAR tend to I tend to wear a jacket to work. | refuse to She refused to wear prison clothes. | forbid sb to | be entitled to He is entitled to wear the regimental tie.

2 last for a long time

ADV. badly, well Those curtains have worn very well.

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