worth adj.

VERBS be | become | make sth | consider sth, think sth Most of the candidates were not considered worth interviewing.

ADV. really, well This book is well worth reading. | certainly, definitely | barely, hardly, scarcely It's so unimportant it's hardly worth mentioning. | almost | potentially | reportedly, reputedly | always It's always worth seeing if you can get a cheap, last-minute deal.

PREP. to This order is potentially worth millions of pounds to the company.

worth noun

ADJ. real, true | intrinsic, objective Study has an intrinsic worth, as well as helping you achieve your goals. | individual, own, personal, self | moral | economic, financial, market Some experts doubt the economic worth of the project. The insurance company agreed to pay the car's current market worth. | net | literary, musical

VERB + WORTH have | prove The emergency lighting has proved its worth this year. | affirm Asking for advice from people affirms their personal worth. | find out, learn, realize I only found out its real worth when I tried to buy another one. | appreciate, know They don't appreciate her true worth. She knows her own worth. | doubt, express doubts about, question | assess, estimate, give sb an estimate of Can you give me some estimate of its worth?

PREP. of ~ He never contributed anything of worth to the conversation. | ~ to This necklace isn't worth anything in money terms, but its worth to me is incalculable.

PHRASES at sb/sth's real/true worth They don't appreciate her at her real worth. | of proven worth They are looking for a new sales manager of proven worth. | a sense of (your own) worth She has no sense of her own worth.

You can also check other dicts: worth (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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