acquaintance noun

1 person you know

ADJ. casual I bumped into a casual acquaintance in town. | casual, new | close, old | business, mutual, personal, social

VERB + ACQUAINTANCE bump into, meet | greet (sb as) He was greeted as an old acquaintance.

PHRASES friends and acquaintances

2 knowledge of sb/sth

ADJ. nodding, passing, slight a man with whom I had a passing acquaintance | brief, short | close, intimate

VERB + ACQUAINTANCE make sb/sth's (= become acquainted with sb/sth) I first made his acquaintance in 1992. | strike up I first met Simon in 1998 and struck up an acquaintance with him. | renew

PREP. of sb's ~ He introduced me to a lady of his acquaintance. | ~ with her acquaintance with modern French philosophy

PHRASES have an acquaintance with They have little acquaintance with colloquial English. | on close/closer acquaintance, on first acquaintance On first acquaintance she seemed a little odd

You can also check other dicts: acquaintance (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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