advance noun

1 forward movement

ADJ. rapid | Allied, British, German, etc.

VERB + ADVANCE make The regiment made an advance on the enemy lines. | order The general ordered an advance to the front line. | halt, resist, stop

PREP. on ~ the advance on Leningrad | to ~, towards ~ the Russian advance towards Berlin

2 development

ADJ. big, considerable, dramatic, enormous, great, spectacular, substantial, tremendous | important, major, notable, remarkable, significant | rapid, steady rapid advances in science and technology | recent | economic, educational, medical, political, scientific, social, technical, technological | theoretical

VERB + ADVANCE make We need more money if we are to make any further advances in this area of science.

PREP. in ~ two major advances in orthopaedic medicine | on ~ an advance on the existing techniques | towards ~ an advance towards a better understanding of God

3 money

ADJ. large | cash

VERB + ADVANCE give, pay The publishers have paid me an advance. | get, receive

PREP. ~ of an advance of £10,000 | ~ on He was paid £5,000 as an advance on royalties.

4 advances: sexual

ADJ. amorous, sexual

VERB + ADVANCE make He made amorous advances to one of his students.

PREP. ~ to

advance verb

1 move forward

ADV. quickly, rapidly | cautiously, slowly

PREP. from advancing from the south | into The troops advanced into central Europe. | on/upon The army advanced on the capital. | towards He advanced towards me in aggressive style.

2 develop

ADV. considerably, greatly, significantly | rapidly

PREP. beyond Society needs to advance beyond prejudice and superstition.

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