advantage noun

1 thing that helps

ADJ. big, considerable, enormous, great, huge, overwhelming | clear, decided/decisive, definite, distinct, material, obvious, positive, real Breastfeeding offers a clear advantage to your baby. | key, main, major, important, significant | dubious | unfair The company has an unfair advantage over its competitors. | added, additional These computers have the added advantage of being cheap. | special | potential | comparative, relative | mutual The plan would be to our mutual advantage. | natural the natural advantages of countries with low labour costs | commercial, competitive, economic, educational, electoral, financial, military, personal, political, practical, psychological, social, strategic, tactical, technical, technological | cost, price, speed, tax

VERB + ADVANTAGE have | gain, get He would gain considerable advantage from staying in that job. | bring (sb), give sb, offer (sb) Another qualification would give me a big advantage at job interviews. | press home The commanders were keen to press home their advantage with a further offensive in the north. | outweigh They argue that the possible risks attached to such vaccines vastly outweigh any advantages.

PREP. to sb's ~ It is to your advantage to delay things for as long as possible. | ~ in There may be some advantage in laying down a clearer procedure. | ~ over East coast resorts have the advantage over west coast ones. | ~ to the advantage to both countries of closer economic ties

PHRASES to good advantage, to sb/sth's best advantage The bright lighting showed the jewels to their best advantage.

2 take advantage of: make use of

ADJ. full, maximum We took full advantage of the hotel facilities.

You can also check other dicts: advantage (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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