appearance noun

1 way that sb/sth looks

ADJ. attractive, handsome, youthful | distinctive, odd, strange, striking | dishevelled, scruffy, unkempt, unprepossessing | external, general, outward, overall, personal, physical, visual attempts to improve the general appearance of the town centre attention to personal appearance and hygiene

VERB + APPEARANCE have Inside, the house had the appearance of a temple. | take on Towns merged to take on the appearance of a city. | give The report gives an appearance of scientific credibility. | alter, change Shaving off his beard changed his appearance dramatically. | enhance, improve | keep up When she lost all her money, she was determined to keep up appearances (= hide the true situation and pretend that everything was going well). | judge (sb/sth) by To judge by appearances, Roger was rather embarrassed.

PREP. contrary to ~s, despite ~s The American president, despite appearances, has only limited power. | in ~ rather bird-like in appearance

2 arrival of sb/sth

ADJ. dramatic, sudden, surprise, unexpected | brief

VERB + APPEARANCE make, put in She made a sudden appearance just as we were about to leave. I feel I must put in at least a brief appearance at the party.

3 act of appearing in public

ADJ. first, second, etc. her first appearance on the stage | final, last | frequent, occasional, rare, regular | live, personal | public | cameo, guest | court, radio, stage, television/TV one of the actor's rare television appearances

VERB + APPEARANCE make She made a cameo appearance in the film.

APPEARANCE + NOUN money (sport)

You can also check other dicts: appearance (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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