approval noun

ADJ. full, total, unqualified, warm, wholehearted The scheme did not meet unqualified approval. | grudging, qualified | general, overwhelming, popular, public, unanimous, universal, widespread | final, initial, preliminary, prior All development requires the prior approval of the planning authority. | tacit | written | formal, official | government, parliamentary, royal

VERB + APPROVAL need, require | seek, submit sth for We have submitted a design for approval. | gain, get, meet with, obtain, receive, win You are not allowed to build anything without first obtaining the approval of the local authority. | give, grant The government has now given its approval for the new examinations. | refuse, withhold | express, nod, show The people listening nodded approval.

PREP. on ~ The goods were supplied on approval (= they could be sent back if they were not satisfactory). | with ~ Jane's father regards her fiance with approval. | with/without sb's ~ You may not decorate the flat without the landlord's approval. | ~ for He won approval for his project. | ~ from We're waiting for approval from the authorities.

PHRASES a nod of approval She gave him a nod of approval. | a roar of approval There was a roar of approval from the crowd. | a seal/stamp of approval The government has given its seal of approval to the project. | subject to approval The offer is subject to approval at the Annual General Meeting.

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