army noun

1 group of soldiers

ADJ. great, huge, large, mighty, powerful | small | professional, regular, standing | reserve | conscript | volunteer | disciplined | modern | allied | enemy | opposing | foreign | national | private | guerrilla | rebel | advancing, invading, occupying, victorious | defeated, retreating

VERB + ARMY have | go into, join After leaving school Mike went into the army. | leave | be in command of, command, lead He was in command of the British Army in Egypt. He led the army into battle. | drill, train | amass, build up, raise, recruit The king was unable to raise an army. | equip, supply | mobilize | deploy, field The French army was deployed in the Western Desert. | concentrate | crush, decimate, defeat, put to flight, rout The army was finally defeated in the autumn. | demobilize, disband The emperor was deposed and his army disbanded.

ARMY + VERB gather | advance, march A huge army marched on London. | camp | go into action, invade | attack, clash, fight The two opposing armies clashed in battle. | occupy | flee, pull back, retreat, withdraw

ARMY + NOUN captain, chief, commander, general, officer | corps, personnel, unit | barracks, base, camp, headquarters | career | patrol | greatcoat, uniform | wife

PREP. in the ~ Her husband is in the army.

2 large group

ADJ. vast a vast army of personnel | small a small army of volunteers | growing, increasing | reserve

PREP. of He argued that unemployment created a useful reserve army of labour.

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