assault noun

1 crime of attacking sb

ADJ. brutal, savage, vicious, violent | common (law) | aggravated (law), serious | alleged | attempted | indecent, physical, racial, sexual | police

QUANT. series, wave

VERB + ASSAULT carry out, commit assaults committed by teenagers | be the victim of, suffer

ASSAULT + VERB happen, take place

PREP. ~ against Better street lighting has helped reduce the number of assaults against women. | ~ on/upon

PHRASES allegations of assault allegations of police assault on the boy | assault and battery (law) > Note at CRIME(for more verbs)

2 military/verbal attack

ADJ. all-out, direct, frontal, full-scale, major, massive After an all-out assault the village was captured by the enemy. | fresh, further | sustained She used the article to make a sustained assault on her former political allies. | successful | air, amphibious, ground air assaults by fighter planes | military | verbal

QUANT. series

VERB + ASSAULT carry out, launch (into), lead, make, mount Enemy troops launched an assault on the town. He launched into a verbal assault on tabloid journalism. | come under The factory came under assault from soldiers in the mountains | withstand The garrison was built to withstand assaults.

ASSAULT + NOUN course They took part in a vigorous army assault course. | rifle | force

PREP. under ~ Today these values are under assault. | ~ on a series of assaults on enemy targets

assault verb

ADV. badly, brutally, savagely, seriously, violently | indecently, physically, sexually, verbally

You can also check other dicts: assault (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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