attitude noun

ADJ. conciliatory, favourable, friendly, positive, responsible, right, sympathetic She seems to have the right attitude for the job. | aggressive, bad, belligerent, cavalier, critical, hostile, irreverent, negative, patronizing, wrong | carefree, casual, flexible, laid-back, liberal, relaxed The teachers seem to have a very relaxed attitude towards discipline. | conservative, inflexible, rigid, uncompromising | ambivalent | general, prevailing, public The general attitude of the public is sympathetic. | changing | mental, moral, sexual

VERB + ATTITUDE adopt, have, take The government has taken a positive attitude to this problem. | change The experience changed his attitude to religion.

ATTITUDE + VERB exist, persist, prevail This sort of attitude exists among certain groups of people. | change

ATTITUDE + NOUN problem At school he was thought to have an attitude problem.

PREP. ~ about changing attitudes about death | ~ of an attitude of confidence and trust Youth is simply an attitude of mind. | ~ to/towards There has been a marked change in attitude towards the European single currency.

PHRASES a change in/of attitude, with attitude (informal) (= having a confident, aggressive attitude that challenges what people think) a rock band with attitude

You can also check other dicts: attitude (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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