attraction noun

1 fact of attracting/being attracted

ADJ. fatal, irresistible, obvious, powerful, strong | mutual They shared a powerful mutual attraction. | gravitational, magnetic, physical, sexual

VERB + ATTRACTION feel the strong attraction that she felt for him | see I could now see the attraction of a steady job and regular income. | have, hold Long holidays hold no attraction for him. | exert All matter exerts a gravitational attraction.

PREP. ~ between the attraction between two people | ~ to/towards His attraction to you is obvious.

PHRASES the centre of attraction Sophie was plainly the centre of attraction in the room.

2 sth that attracts people

ADJ. added, big, chief, great, main, major, obvious, special, star The main attraction of the place is the nightlife. | popular, tourist

VERB + ATTRACTION have A freelance career has the attraction of flexibility. | be, prove Feeding the animals proved a popular attraction for visitors to the farm.

PREP. for The lack of heat was an attraction for cyclists.

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