auction noun

ADJ. public | charity | art, cattle, furniture, etc.

VERB + AUCTION hold The estate is holding an auction to raise money. | conduct My father will be conducting the auction tomorrow. | attend, go to He regularly attended auctions. | put sth up for The horse will be put up for public auction. | be/come/go up for The paintings will come up for auction next month. | pick sth up at a bargain that she had picked up at auction

AUCTION + VERB take place

AUCTION + NOUN house, room | price | market, mart, sale

PREP. at ~ I try to buy furniture at auctions because it is cheaper that way. The house was sold at auction for half a million pounds. | by ~ a jumble sale by auction

You can also check other dicts: auction (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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