avenue noun

1 wide street

ADJ. broad, wide | leafy, tree-lined

AVENUE + VERB be lined with sth an avenue lined with elms

PREP. along, down, in, through, up an/the ~ strolling down a tree-lined avenue

2 way of doing/getting sth

ADJ. possible, promising | fruitful

VERB + AVENUE explore, pursue, try We need to explore every possible avenue. | exhaust After two months of negotiations we had exhausted all avenues. | open (up), provide

AVENUE + VERB be open to sb There was only one avenue open to him.

PREP. ~ for to provide a new avenue for research | ~ of the two main avenues of enquiry | ~ to an avenue to success

You can also check other dicts: avenue (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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