award noun

1 prize that sb gets for doing sth well

ADJ. annual | national | coveted, highest, major, prestigious, special, top | bravery, design, literary, man of the match, etc. His goalkeeping won him the man of the match award.

VERB + AWARD give sb, hand out, make (sb), present (sb with) The award was made for his work in cancer research. | carry off, earn (sb), get, receive, win Stephen's quick thinking has earned him a bravery award. | accept

AWARD + VERB go to sb The best director award went to Sam Mendes for ‘American Beauty’.

AWARD + NOUN ceremony, scheme

PREP. ~ for the award for best actor | ~ from to receive an award from the Queen

2 money given to sb

ADJ. compensatory, discretionary, mandatory | pay The union is unhappy with this year's pay award. | damages, libel

VERB + AWARD get, receive | make The judge has the power to make discretionary awards.

award verb

ADV. automatically | jointly He was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize with Alex Mueller. | mentally She mentally awarded herself top marks for staying cool under pressure. | posthumously

PREP. to Honours were automatically awarded to senior officials just because they were senior.

You can also check other dicts: award (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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