ball noun costume, fancy dress, masked

1 round object in games We're going to a masked ball.

ADJ. billiard, cricket, golf, rugby,

VERB + BALL have, hold, organize tennis, etc. | beach | match, We're organizing a charity ball. | practice attend, go to

VERB + BALL play with | bat, blast,

BALL + NOUN gown bounce, bowl, chip, dribble,

ADJ. at a/the ~ She met him at head, hit, kick, roll, strike, throw The kids love to kick a ball against my wall.the college ball. | clear, cross, pass | catch, stop He caught the ball. | control, trap | chase She chased the ball all over the pitch. | retrieve, run down | return The fielders try to retrieve the ball quickly and return it to the bowler. | miss The goalkeeper missed the ball. | drop, let go of Oh no! He's dropped the ball. | handle | give away, lose | win | retain

BALL + VERB fly, go, roll, sail The ball flew over the bar into the sea of Middlesbrough fans. The ball's gone over the fence. | hit, land The ball hit the wall and rolled along the road. | bounce, rebound

BALL + NOUN game | control, skills His ball control was excellent. > Special page at SPORT

2 kick/hit of a ball

ADJ. good, great, superb | bad, loose | high, low He sent over a high ball. | long, short | quick, slow | cross, through a superb through ball from John Scott | hand He was penalized for hand ball.

VERB + BALL play, send | pick up, pounce on, punish He pounced on a loose ball and scored.

PREP. ~ from a great ball from Beckham

3 round object like a ball

ADJ. tight | fiery The sun was a fiery ball, low on the hills. | crystal (= used for telling fortunes) Without a crystal ball it's impossible to say where we'll be next year. | cannon, musket

VERB + BALL curl/roll (up) into The little girl curled up into a ball in her mother's arms. | form/make sth into, roll/screw sth (up) into, shape sth into He screwed the letter up into a tight ball.

PHRASES a ball of fire/flame, a ball of string/wool

PHRASES a ball and chain (figurative) The responsibility was a ball and chain around my ankle.

3 party

ADJ. college, charity, hunt |

You can also check other dicts: ball (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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