base noun

1 lowest part

ADJ. firm, solid, strong

VERB + BASE have The statue has a solid concrete base.

2 original idea/situation

ADJ. firm, secure, solid, sound, strong | economic, ideological His arguments have a sound economic base.

VERB + BASE have | establish, give sb, provide (sb with) These policies give us a solid base for winning the next election. | use sth as

PREP. ~ for He used the notes as a base for his lecture.

3 of support/income/power

ADJ. solid, sound | broad, narrow These policies have a broad base of support. | power a politician with a rural power base | commercial, economic, financial, industrial, manufacturing, tax The country has a sound commercial base. | client, customer

VERB + BASE have | develop, expand, improve, increase The company is trying to expand its customer base.

BASE + VERB grow | shrink

4 main place

ADJ. excellent, ideal, perfect

VERB + BASE have The company has its base in New York. | establish, set up The company has set up its new base in the north.

BASE + NOUN camp

PREP. ~ for an ideal base for mountain expeditions

5 military centre

ADJ. foreign Demonstrators demanded the removal of foreign bases. | air, air force, military, missile, NATO, naval, RAF

VERB + BASE have | build, establish The Americans established a naval base on the island in the 1960s.

PREP. at a/the~ equipment kept at the base | on a/the ~ people living on the air force base | to (the) ~ The planes have all returned to base.

base verb PHRASAL VERBS base sth on/upon sth

ADV. closely, firmly | broadly, loosely The novels are all loosely based on the author's life. | largely Their research was based largely on anecdotal evidence.

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