beat noun

1 rhythm

ADJ. regular, rhythmic, steady | pounding

VERB + BEAT clap to, dance to, sway to They danced to the rhythmic beat of the music.

PHRASES two, three, four, etc. beats to the bar The piece has four beats to the bar. | sb's heart misses/skips a beat (= sb feels very nervous) As I opened the letter, my heart missed a beat.

2 of a police officer

VERB + BEAT pound, walk We have two officers walking the beat after midnight.

PREP. on the ~ officers on the beat

beat verb

1 in a game

ADV. comfortably, comprehensively, convincingly, easily, hands down, soundly He beat her hands down. | narrowly He was narrowly beaten by his opponent.

PREP. at She beat him at chess. | by beating her by just three points

PHRASES beat sb into second, third, etc. place He was beaten into second place by the American.

2 hit sb

ADV. badly, brutally, savagely, severely, violently

PREP. with She was beaten with a metal bar.

PHRASES beat sb about/over the head He had been beaten about the head with a rock. | beat sb to death, beat sb unconscious

4 of heart/wings

ADV. fast, frantically, painfully, rapidly, wildly I could feel my heart beating wildly.

5 mix

ADV. thoroughly, well Beat the mixture well, until it is light and creamy. | lightly Add three eggs, lightly beaten. PHRASAL VERBS beat down

ADV. mercilessly, relentlessly

PREP. on/upon The African sun beat relentlessly down on his aching head.

You can also check other dicts: beat (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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