behaviour noun

ADJ. exemplary, good He had his jail term cut for good behaviour. | acceptable | antisocial, bad, unacceptable, undesirable | deviant, problem Teachers can't always respond effectively to problem behaviour. | normal | strange | aggressive, criminal, disruptive, violent | animal, human, sexual, social

VERB + BEHAVIOUR control, influence Parents can influence the behaviour of their children. | alter, change, modify | display, exhibit, show Animals in zoos often display disturbed behaviour.


PREP. ~ towards his behaviour towards his parents

PHRASES behaviour and attitudes, be on your best behaviour (= to behave very well in order to impress sb), a code of behaviour, a pattern of behaviour, standards of behaviour a new study looking at the behaviour and attitudes of young men

You can also check other dicts: behaviour (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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