bell noun

1 hollow metal object that rings

ADJ. church, temple | wedding (often figurative) The two of them went everywhere together and their friends could already hear wedding bells (= were sure they would get married). | cow | distant

VERB + BELL ring | hear

BELL + VERB chime, clang, jangle, peal, ring (out), sound, tinkle, toll The bells on the harness tinkled softly. The church bells tolled for Evensong.

BELL + NOUN tower | pull, rope

PHRASES a chime of bells the faint chime of bells | a peal of bells She heard a peal of church bells. | a sound of bells The sound of bells echoed across the valley.

2 other object that rings

ADJ. bicycle, door (also doorbell) | dinner, school | electric | alarm, warning (often figurative) Alarm bells were ringing inside Stuart's head.

VERB + BELL press, ring, sound | answer She hurried to answer the doorbell.

BELL + VERB go, ring, sound The school bell goes at three every afternoon.

BELL + NOUN push

You can also check other dicts: bell (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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