bite noun

1 act of biting/amount of food

VERB + BITE have, take

PREP. between ~s She tried to talk between bites. | ~ from I took a bite from the apple. | ~ of Can I have a bite of your sandwich? | ~ out of She took a bite out of the slab of cake.

2 of an insect/animal

ADJ. insect, mosquito, snake, etc.

VERB + BITE get I got a lot of mosquito bites last night.

BITE + NOUN mark

PREP. ~ from a bite from a poisonous snake

3 small amount to eat

ADJ. quick

VERB + BITE grab, have We managed to grab a bite at the theatre before the show started.

PREP. ~ of a quick bite of lunch

PHRASES a bite to eat We'll have a bite to eat in town.

bite verb

1 use your teeth

ADV. badly Their cat was badly bitten by a dog. | off He bit off a chunk of bread.

PREP. at He bit at his lower lip. | into She bit into the apple. | through The dog had bitten right through its rope.

PHRASES bite sth in half/two

2 have an effect

ADV. deep, hard As the recession bites harder, many small companies are going bankrupt.

VERB + BITE begin to, start to After two cold months, the coal shortage was beginning to bite.

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