bond noun

1 feeling of friendship

ADJ. close, strong | common | natural | emotional, spiritual A strong spiritual bond exists between them.

VERB + BOND be linked by, feel, have She felt a bond of affection for the other girls. | create, develop, forge, form | strengthen | break, destroy

BOND + VERB exist | link sb the bond that links us

PREP. ~ between trying to forge bonds between the different communities | ~ of bonds of friendship

2 certificate for money you have lent

ADJ. long-term | government, savings, treasury | junk the high yield on junk bonds

VERB + BOND buy, invest in, purchase, put money into I decided to invest in some government bonds. | cash in, redeem The bonds were redeemed in 2002. | issue, sell

BOND + NOUN market

You can also check other dicts: bond (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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