book noun

1 for reading

ADJ. latest, new, recent | forthcoming | hardback, paperback | printed one of the earliest printed books | rare | second-hand | delightful, excellent, fascinating, fine, good, great, interesting, remarkable, useful There's nothing like curling up with a mug of tea and a good book. | famous, important, influential | controversial a controversial book about the royal family | favourite a survey to find the nation's favourite children's book | library | set ‘Emma’ was one of our set books for A level. | children's, comic, cookery, guide, hymn, phrase, picture, prayer, reference, school, story, text (also textbook), travel | address, autograph, cheque, exercise, log, order, phone/telephone, sketch

QUANT. copy How many copies of the book did you order?

VERB + BOOK be deep/engrossed/immersed in, flick/skim through, look at, read | look up from She looked up from her book and smiled at him. | co-author, write | bring out, publish, put out | reprint | edit, proofread, revise | translate | illustrate | bind | ban, censor | dedicate, inscribe The book is dedicated to his mother. Her name was inscribed in the book. The collector had many books inscribed to him by famous authors. | review | borrow, have out, take out (= from a library) How many books have you got out? | return, take back (= to a library) | renew Do you want to renew any of your library books? | stock | plagiarize

BOOK + VERB appear, come out His latest book will appear in December. | be/go out of print

BOOK + NOUN title | shop (also bookshop) | review, reviewer | club

PREP. in a/the ~ These issues are discussed in his latest book. | ~ about/on She's busy writing a book on astrology. | ~ by a book by Robert Grout | ~ for a book for new parents | ~ from a new book from the publishing company, Bookworm | ~ of a book of walks in London 2 books company records

ADJ. account

VERB + BOOK audit, do, keep She does the books for us.

book verb

ADV. early, in advance There are few places on the course, so it is essential to book in advance.

PREP. with Book with Suntours and kids go free!

PHRASES be booked solid (= be fully booked), be booked up, be fully booked

You can also check other dicts: book (English, 中文解释 ), wordnet sense, Collins Definition

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